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Administrative Staffs

Dr. Jeffery Jia-Hsin Guo
Director of IMAFS
Email: imafs@mail.npust.edu.tw
Telephone: +886 8 7740222
Fax: +886 8 7740173
Ms. Sue 
Email: icnpust@mail.npust.edu.tw
Telephone: +886 8 7703202 ext. 6398
Fax: +886 8 7740290



The taxi fare from Kaohsiung Airport to NPUST is around NT$1,000 (about US$34).

From Kaohsiung Airport to Pingtung Station

You may take the metro from the Airport (Station R4) to Kaohsiung Main Station (Station R11) and from there take a train to Pingtung Station.

From Pingtung Station to NPUST

There are 2 shuttle services between Pingtung Station and NPUST. One is Bus 8232, which only stops by the Main Gate of NPUST. Please be aware, there is about 3 km walking distance between the Main Gate and Dormitories. The other one is Bus 509, which will enter NPUST campus and stop by many buildings including student dormitories.

There are also additional 2 shuttle services, Bus 510 and 510A, available to take students moving around NPUST campus and sounding area. 

Office of Student Affairs has provided free Bicycle Service for the 1st-year students who is living in the dorm. Students who wish to apply for the free Bicycle Service must pay NTD$350 deposit. The deposit will be reimbursed when the bicycle is returned properly. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Affairs located on the 1st floor of the General Building.